Landscape Architecture Major

This is a nationally accredited, professional degree program.

Students earn a BSLA degree.

Ecology, people, place and community are just a few of the words landscape architects use everyday as they strive to solve the complex problems of planning vibrant communities and designing places of value while protecting and restoring our natural resources.

150 years ago Connecticut’s own Frederick Law Olmsted called for the conservation of the Yosemite Valley, designed Central Park, solved the flooding of Boston’s Back Bay Fens, planned campuses across the United States and introduced the world to landscape architecture.

Today landscape architects are creating the High Line Trail, restoring landscape systems in the Lower Don Lands of Toronto, designing the 9/11 Memorial, planning Olympic villages and remaking campuses and communities around the world.

Click here to visit the American Society of Landscape Architects' design page.

If you are interested in protecting nature; if you love to see happy people; if you think about how to make better cities; if you like to build things; if there are outside places that have touched your soul; if you want to make a better world you should come join us.

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Major requirements

All of:
BIOL 1108: Principles of Biology (or 1110: Intro. to Botany)
CHEM 1122: Chemical Principles & Applications (or 1124Q or 1127Q)
SPSS 3410: Woody Plants: Common Trees, Shrubs, & Vines
SPSS 2120: Environmental Soil Science
LAND 2110: Graphics I - Design Drawing
LAND 2120: Graphics II - Design Communication
LAND 2210: The Common (Shared) Landscape of the USA
LAND 2220: Theory II - Design History
LAND 2410: Design I - Site Analysis
LAND 3130- Graphics III - Computer Applications
LAND 3230W: Environmental Planning & Landscape Design
LAND 3310: Construction I - Site Engineering
LAND 3320: Construction II - Materials and Methods
LAND 3330: Construction III - Planting Design
LAND 3420: Design II - Space, Form and Meaning
LAND 3430: Design III - Program Development
LAND 4294: Theory V - Seminar
LAND 4340: Theory IV - Professional Practice
LAND 4440: Design IV - Community Planning
LAND 4450: Design V - Capstone
One of:
One approved 2000 level or higher course outside the Department of Plant Science & L.A.
One of:
SPSS 2430: Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
SPSS 4210: Plant Physiology: How Plants Work
EEB 4272: The Summer Flora
NRE 2415: Dendrology


**For more detailed information, refer to the Landscape Architecture plan of study form**